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Pets and Personal Pedigree

One thing is for certain, pets are part of our family tree.  No, they are not “blood relatives”, but they are part of our identity. Through history, different animals have played a close part in the lives of those they are near.  At times, a man’s horse was part of his identity.  Great examples are: […]

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Ancestry Detective Work

ANCESTRY DETECTIVE WORK AND FINDING THE CORRECT ANCESTOR   Sometimes it takes a great amount of patience and ancestry detective work to actually know you are onto the right ancestor.  There are so many people who have the same or a similar name, are from the same place and the same time.  So, how do […]


What Does Genealogy, My Ancestry, And My Personal Pedigree Have To Do With Me?

Working in the field of Genealogy and looking for my ancestry has given me a definite perspective of life and, in the long view, a perspective against which I gauge my activities. Do you ever wonder if what you do today matters?  Many ads you see tell you that you only have one life to […]