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Personal Pedigree personelIn the interest of improving the quality of service to my clients (and also because I sort of like him and like working with him) my husband is officially joining the Personal Pedigree team.

Mark, or as I call him, “Hamilton”, has been working behind the scenes for some time. He is the one who designed and set-up my website in the first place and has been maintaining it over the years.  He has contributed with ideas and postings and such – but he now is full-time taking over all administrative functions so I can concentrate on research.

This is very needed as there is a strong, grass-roots movement in society to build strong family ties, which means I have been having a heck of a time keeping up with all my research.  And what better way to build strong family ties than to discover your roots?

He will continue maintaining the website, doing all administrative functions as well as some research in order to ensure you always get fast and accurate genealogical services from us here at Personal Pedigree.

We have more services in the works and having Hamilton here will enable us to get them out that much faster.  So, if you have ANY interest in building your family tree, finding your roots, discovering what happened to a family member, verifying an old family tale – or really, just anything to do with the area – just ask – it could be that we are working on just that line of work.

Just because you don’t see what you need here exactly, do feel free to ask and we’ll figure out a way to help if we can.  We believe a strong family builds a strong community.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Mark and Lisa Hamilton

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  1. Dan Locke says:

    Very well written and so good to hear that you two are working so closely.

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