Research Packages


If you are a new client to me and I have never researched  the family tree that you want researched, I first want you to send me what information you have on the family members.  I will do one hour of free research before I will require any payment.  I do this as I first want to make sure that I can get somewhere with that family history.   After this first hour, we will talk and I will let you know what I feel I can do in what amount of time.   We can then take it from there.

Packages are available in 10-hour research blocks – with a minimum purchase of one 10-hour block required to get started.

Cost for one 10-hour block – $300.00 US.

At the end of your paid-for research time, if you do not wish to purchase a Family History Book, you will receive a copy of your family tree with the information found to date.  You will also receive all other documentation or pictures or other information I found in my research as regards your family on a CD or another external drive.



I offer a unique service of a Family History book for your family.   The purpose of one of these books is to tell the personal story of your family by returning you to  the time and place of your ancestors through stories and pictures.  Not only do we find and include pictures of family members and residences (as available) but we  also try to find information such as newspaper articles, stories and pictures of the towns they lived in during the time they were there. We do extensive searches and work to find any and all references about your relatives, including general information, pictures and customs of the times and places we are researching. If the information is there, we will do our best to find it. No stone is left unturned in an attempt to put you in the time and place of your ancestors so that your ancestral family comes to life.

These books are  personalized to your family.  You will be proud to show them to any of your friends or family, or to give them as  gifts to relatives.  They are customized 3-ring binders so that you can add any other information you find to your binder as your family history story continues to go forward in time.

The cost for a Family History book varies depending on the extent of the family tree, how many ancestral lines are included and how many copies are made.  An estimate can be given once the extent of the project is known.  You get a soft copy of your binder and all documentation with any family history book.


If you want to get started with doing your own family tree, or if you have tried before and got stuck, this is the package for you.  It includes getting you signed into and rolling on a free genealogy site on the internet, where you can continue researching and building your own family tree.  I will guide you through the necessary steps to get you signed up and actually researching your own family.  You will be finding your relatives and putting them into your own tree.  Additionally this package includes 5 hours of personal consultation and debugging to ensure that you get over all the jumps and actually end up with your own family tree that you can share with your relatives.

The cost for the Family Tree Start-up Package is $100.00.


If you are in need of assistance or a personal consultation to help in debugging your own genealogical research, please contact me via my “Write Me” tab in the top menu.  Prices for this are arranged on an individual basis as the amount of work varies.

I love helping people, so if you need any help or have a simple question, contact me and I will gladly help you out if I can.


In order for research to start, you need to send me ALL information you have about the relatives in question.  If you have it, this is to include birth dates and places, marriage dates and places, death dates and places, maiden names, places lived, stories and what documents and sources you do have. With this information, I will be able to get off to a fast start and not have to retrace old steps and waste your time and/or money with duplicate searches.  I do not charge you time for me entering data you are providing.  So it is smart to give me everything you have in the first place.

Of course, if there is some information that you are not sure of, then say so and that area will be researched.

If you have an idea of the product you are hoping to achieve, then please let me know this.  Examples of things you might consider are: a pedigree chart, how many ancestors back you would like found, documentation for a membership in a Society (such as the Mayflower Society or Sons/Daughters of the American Revolution), proof of lineage or to find someone in particular.

If you are not sure of what you want at the start, that is totally fine too. I will be in communication with you and let you know what I have found and what I see is available as I go along.  We can talk about the options you have open to you once I find more information about what  is available from my initial research.

Perhaps you are stalled in your own ancestral search and you just want a particular  research line debugged so you can continue. That can be done with a personal consultation as listed out above or through the debug service.

It is easy to get started.  You state that you agree to our Terms of Service, send us all information you have, I do that first hour of free research, we talk about what you want to accomplish and then you make your payment for at least one 10-hour research retainer fee or one of the other services and we will take it from there.

If the research is completed in less hours than you paid for, we will give you the completed work and the remainder of your fee back.  In either case, a detailed account of time and places searched will be documented and sent to you.

Let’s start and see what we find!

Send me a message in the “Write Me” tab, and give me some information on what you are looking for.  I am here to help you so…  Let’s “dig up” your ancestors!!

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to get you the result that you want.



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