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Harry Holt's grave

Welcome to On the Trail.  I will try to keep things informative and possibly helpful to you.  You may write me and ask questions or comment as you wish.  I really am very interested in finding relatives, restoring strained relations and anything to do with uniting families.

As you can see, here I am in England.  I am in the St. Michael’s church yard in Brierley Hill.  I have just discovered a grave of one of my ancestors.

There is a wealth of history and culture about Brierley Hill and the surrounding area of Staffordshire – now known as The Midlands.

Did you know that they built canals (complete with locks) in the 1800s to convey goods made in the area to the coast so they could be shipped around the world? The boats and canals are still in existence and use for travel.


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    Wonderful post. Glad that you have this going.


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