Terms of Service


Everyone at Personal Pedigree is dedicated to discovering what it is YOU want to find out and preserve of your family history – or to discover what other family members you have that you did not know about.  There are a variety of products that you can get from Personal Pedigree and they are all tailored to your needs.   Therefore, we have listed out the terms of service below so that we can work together towards that end.  Before enlisting our services, please review the following terms and conditions which define your rights and benefits of being our client.  You must read and agree to the terms of service before and research work will be done.

Personal Pedigree (hereinafter “we”, “our” or “us”) conducts professional family research services (“our Services”).  “You” or “your” means an adult client of our Services.


1.      TERMS

a.      You  must be 18 years or older to order our Services.

b.     The fee that you pay is for our expert time and attention.  We bill hourly for our research services with a minimum amount of time ordered in advance.

c.     You are requested to provide a complete research request to Personal Pedigree.  A complete research request includes the family or individual to be studied and all records and results from previous research.  The goal of your research must be clear.  We must receive these things, plus the appropriate retainer, before we will begin.

d.     We will send you a listing of the records examined and a copy of any of the document(s), if found.



a.     Prepayment in full – a retainer – is required.  Please pay by credit card or  PayPal in U.S. funds.  If you wish to make other methods of payment please reach me through my contact tab and this can be set up.  Upon completion, all hourly research costs will be deducted from the retainer.  Hourly labor costs will include the time it takes us to review all previous research, correspondence (e-mail, phone, postal mail), research, analysis and report writing time.

b.     Photocopy costs, postage and handling, long distance phone calls, certificate fees, correspondence costs and other miscellaneous expenses will be billed to you IN ADDITION to your retainer.  These expenses include, but are not limited to, on-site third party research services and certificate fees.  You will be contacted for authorization if these costs exceed 10% of your prepaid retainer.  These expenses are due at the end of each research session and before results will be shipped.

c.     Research sessions are handled in the order that the retainer is received.  Length of time of research and getting results depends on the depth of the search and what initial information is available.  We will stay in communication with you throughout our research so you know exactly what to expect.   You may contact us to find out where your project stands.

d.     If for some reason, your account becomes over 30 days past due, the account balance will be billed interest and finance charges in the amount of 1 ½ percent per month until the balance is paid in full.

e.     Our Service fees and terms may be changed by Personal Pedigree at any time and each renewal of our Services will be at the then-standard services fees.



Personal Pedigree may send electronic mail to you for the purpose of informing you of changes or additions to Personal Pedigree, or of any Personal Pedigree related products and services.  You may opt out of this notification service by sending an email to personalpedigree.com@gmail.com.  Any information that you send to us, whether personal or concerning your family or history will be kept strictly confidential.  It will never be used or forwarded to any other source without your full permission in writing.   Personal Pedigree understands that your privacy is very important and we will never compromise it in any way.



Personal Pedigree has the right at its sole discretion and at any time, to modify the terms of this Agreement or our Services.  Changes in our Services that will affect you will be posted online at Personal Pedigree.com, sent via e-mail or postal mail to you.  If any portion of this Agreement or any change of this Agreement of our Service is unacceptable to you or will cause you to no longer be in compliance with the Agreement, you may opt not to accept or cease using our Services.  Continued use of our Services following posted notices of changes in this Agreement means that you have accepted and are bound by the changes.



Some of the content shown on the Personal Pedigree website has been submitted by customers or web enthusiasts and it is not subject to verification by Personal Pedigree.  Neither Personal Pedigree nor third party agents are responsible for the accuracy of any information contained on these user submitted pages.  The opinions expressed on these pages are those of the user who submitted them.



This agreement is governed by the State of Nevada and to the extent applicable, the Federal law of the United States of America.  Any action to enforce this Agreement shall be brought in the State courts located in Carson City.

This Agreement is the entire agreement between you and Personal Pedigree and it cannot be amended except in writing.



You are engaging our professional Services.  We are offering our expert time and attention to your research.  Therefore, a charge is made for our time.   No ethical genealogist can predict or guarantee a specific document or result.  Specific results won’t be known until research is conducted and completed.  In fact, there is no guarantee that we or any professional will be able to locate new information about your family or ancestors.

 Personal Pedigree does guarantee thorough and detailed work.  Our research is conducted in accordance with the highest professional standards.  Because of variables that can limit success (time allotted, common surnames, time period and place, records availability) during research, there is NO guarantee that any specific or positive results will be obtained.  Our skilled researchers promise to do their best work, and that is all we can offer.



If you cancel your research request, the cancellation will take effect immediately, and our researchers will then write a summary of the research to that cancellation date.    All their time and expenses will then be deducted from your prepaid retainer.  Any unused retainer, after all time and expenses have been deducted, can be credited to another research case, or sent back to you.



Personal Pedigree strives for excellence and accuracy.  Because every individual is unique, it is truly impossible for a professional genealogist to guarantee that a certain sum of money will provide their client with a certain number of new ancestors or relatives.  Professional genealogists simply cannot guarantee specific research results or turn-around time because of all the variables historical records will hold regarding a client’s family, until the records are examined.  There will be no refunds related to lack of results or dissatisfaction with any aspect of Personal Pedigree’s Services.